Sunday, November 2, 2008

How to perform basic SEO for the web site?


We would like to educate everyone with some of technique that we use to increase our customers web sites rank and traffic.

First, performing SEO on the web site is not new or is it kept secret that only our company knows about it.

Second, it takes understanding of what SEO tools are available out there and how to properly use those SEO tools make differences.

References used to research and learn

what Google says about SEO
Very useful SEO tool


1) Users are not familiar with SEO and wants to know more.


Google Analytics
In order to understand the traffic behavior we use Google Analytics and we provide access to all our customers so they can view the traffics as well. Google Analytics provides very rich information about the web traffics such as what key words are used by the users to come to the site, where the users are accessing the web site, what browsers, how long the users are on the web site, what the users are viewing and more.

Webmaster Tool
In order to further optimize the web sites we have we use Google webmaster tool which allows to see external links backlinks, what kind of key words Google sees, when Google indexed the web sites and more...

Google AdSense
Google AdSense provides many useful tools like how much the key words cost, typical search volume of the key words trying to SEO, and do advertising based on Click Per Cost model and more...

SEO check list
Then we go through the SEO check list for all our customers.

Content matter!
Ultimately, content really matters with SEO no matter what. We constantly analyze Google Analytics and Google web master tool and modify our customers' web site contents. Also we provide suggestions to our customers to add new contents in certain ways that the key words can standout.

Blog helps
Blog is one of the easiest way to drive traffics to the web sites especially if the blogs are useful. Also having useful blog can help create very valuable backlinks to very important sites. For example, one of the blog that we wrote has backlinks to Microsoft and other very important developers in the community. Having such backlink helps with SEO.


Some of our customers were contacted by unknown company promising all kinds of SEO utopia like creating backlinks to gurantee #1 rank. Google clearly states that NO ONE CAN guarantee #1 Google rank with specific key words. Google rank is something that takes lots of hard work using many of the tools provided above and constantly analyzing data and tweaking pages and also contributing relevant contents to the community using things like blog.

We are always email or phone call away from answering our customers' questions of what all this SEO stuff means :)


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